Stories that move you

I spent a long time thinking about the tag line for my website and business. I’m not a chick-lit author, I’m also not Zadie Smith either, I’m raw, honest, close-up and intimate in my style of writing. I don’t know how else to be, so I’m using my words to tell stories that are hard to talk about. 

My first book, One Last Hundred Chances, is a unique book, based on eight domestic abuse survivors’ lives, woven together to show how the recognised patterns of behaviour occur in a relationship. Survivors shared their stories with with me not only to reclaim their narrative; but in the hope that by sharing their worst experiences, someone else will understand what is happening to them, and be strong enough to leave.

I am a successful author, because I’ve written, and published a book. Many people don’t get that far, so by my own account – I am a success!

I couldn’t have finished the book without the lovely Wendi from Cutting Edge Copy, I sent her what I had written already and she basically held my hand through the writing and editing the rest of it. Earlier this year, I’d gathered momentum on my website and had recorded one podcast, I have tried a couple of times to record the second one, because I really want to talk to Wendi about the editing process. That was the best bit of the book experience for me, and entirely down to her.

Since then, life has got in the way. As it has for all of us, I whizzed into a downward anxiety spike (to mix my metaphors), but the real kicker was two weeks ago when I lost my job. Since then, I’ve been busy updating all the necessary paperwork and applied for another role today. I’ve also submitted the final module for my Mindfulness Based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Diploma and signed up for a course online.

I’m trying not to waste this opportunity I’ve been given, so I’m digging deep and going in. Writing is important to me, I know that I am my best version of myself when I do it regularly. 

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