Does it really matter?

This is prompted partly by my brother’s family having a gastro bug go through their house over the Easter weekend. Every time we’d checked in on them in the family WhatsApp chat, he’d say “We’re going OK”, then a few minutes later he’d message that, nope, someone else had been ill. Usually projectile.

I was thinking about towels, and if could I order a bale of them to be delivered to their house to help with the clean up. The last time we had a bug go through us, we went through every single towel in our house.

The other prompt for this, was two women vociferously complaining about their husbands not doing the laundry correctly. I eavesdropped while waiting for our coffees the other day.

Can we all agree the washing cycle is – wear it, wash it, dry it, put it away.

A picture of a washing machine icon with a circle in four arrows going around the icon. At the top, Wear it. On the right, Wash it. At the bottom, Dry it. On the left, Put it away.
Let’s go ’round again

Repeat ad infinitum. Particularly as we’re not including ironing anything, and we’re not washing bedding or towels.

I’m guessing the aforementioned towels were folded differently, maybe into thirds not quarters, real life-changing stuff. It’s frustrating when colours run, when something shrinks, or a sock goes AWOL; but these two women were morally superior to their husbands doing washing wrong.

How do you get it wrong? Unfortunately, my coffees were ready, so I couldn’t linger to find out. Mind you, as it’s been annoying me all week, I should have stayed to listen in!

Your linen press / airing cupboard does not need to be Instagram-worthy, neither does your pantry, or anything else in your life. Yes, yes, it’s great when you pull anything / everything out a cupboard, clean and tidy it away #PeakAdulting

If your significant other sees a pile of clothes, folds them and puts them away, be grateful. Not snippy. As long as your knickers are clean and they’re where they’re supposed to be when you need them; particularly if gastro strikes, what is the problem?

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