Today was a day

I’ve been rummaging around in the background trying to work out what has been going on with my posts on the Facebook. It turns out, my account is restricted, I don’t know why, as only bots are replying to my help requests. Apparently, it is their final decision.

I have kept my private and business life separate. My profile is different to my page. There are are only people I know on my private feed, but one of them raised an issue about the content I posted in January and since then…

This makes me sad, because the majority of things I share are funny, or about the cat, or about our son, or about mental health awareness, or equality. Which I will not not ever bang on about. Equal rights for others does not mean less for you – it’s not pie.

It has had an impact on my business, because the adverts I thought were running, weren’t. It has taken me weeks to unravel this and work out what has been going on. Because it’s my private account that has been restricted, it’s flowed down to everything ee grant business-based that was linked to it.

I’m sad, frustrated, annoyed – all the things. There is a part of me that wants to throw it all in, close this down, tell everyone to go forth and multiply. There’s a part of me that gets extremely triggered by rejection. I know now it’s part of ADHD and actually has a name, Rejection Sensitivity Dysphoria, or RSD.

I’ve opened up a new account. I’ve had to add the husband onto the page and hope that we can do a work around, otherwise, I’ll have to close it all down and start again.

Over two years’ work down the drain. Particularly galling as my whole “thing” is to build connection and share stories to make the world a better place.

Then to cap off the morning that started really early with the new puppy, and reading the report from FB, I spilt my mug of tea over my desk. I know I needed to clean it, but I’ve got a duster for that. And! It was my last Assam tea bag too.

Like I said, today has been a day. Tomorrow is a new one.

A group of stick figures holding a banner that says, 'Be the type of person that you would want to be around' One figure has their thumb up, another is applauding. All are smiling.
Be the type of person that you would want to be around.