Dymocks Reading challenge

Dymocks Booksellers are an independent chain of stores in Australia. In my book club, one of my friends shared their reading challenge for 2022, (the printable list can be found here). I’ve rattled through my shelves and have selected the following books to tick off the list through the coming 12 months.

From their ‘extra challenging’ section

Not selected yet; ‘Read entirely outside’ and one of the ‘Dymocks Book of the Month’.

Dymocks Reading Challenge Selection

Some of these I re-read most years, some I’ve been meaning to get around to and some I’ve got to buy to complete the challenge. Some I’m not looking forward to, as I know I’ll struggle with them. But isn’t that the point of life?

If you’d like to join in, follow the #DymocksReadingChallenge.