Transgender rights are human rights

This was going to go into my newsletter but it can’t wait till Friday.

There was an anti-trans rights / right wing demonstration over the weekend in Melbourne where people decided to give the n*zi salute. In a show of solidarity, the Transgender Pride Flag was raised over Parliament in Victoria this afternoon, Tuesday.

When a (not always needing to be on the extreme side) right-wing politician is pointing at either refugees or LGBTQIA+ equality issues, they’re using them as diversion tactics. Because they know they’re losing ground and quickly.

[This is better explained than I can by listening to Elizabeth Day’s How To Fail with Bernie Saunders. He explains that younger voters are worried about the cost of living, and wanting a different system. For some people, they are going to have a lower standard of living than their parents. He says, “It turns out, for a whole lot of reasons, the younger generation is the most anti-sexist, anti-racist, anti-xenophobic, anti-homophobic generation.”]

Have you noticed how quickly they’ve been able to rush through legislation in the USA? But it isn’t for anything useful like gun control or even background checks. All that restricting people from gender-affirming medication does is penalise amongst others, the Intersex branch of the rainbow. There are more than 30 recognised Intersex variations – that is a lot of people that are going to be without the support and care they need, if they could get access in the first place. 

Fighting for equality and safe spaces for our Transgender family members is not diminishing the first, second or third waves of the feminist movements. It’s building on the battles fought for voting rights, banking rights and equality.

Gender affirming care is a big umbrella, across multiple specialities. 

What if you were born without a uterus? Or like me, have had it removed surgically? I am officially no longer a woman. Because only people who menstruate are women; according to the world’s leading geneticist – yes her.

What do you do if your uterus lining migrates all over your abdomen? While treatment for endometriosis isn’t great, being able to get a prescription for the contraceptive pill maybe could mitigate some of your symptoms.

Removing access to gender-affirming care, including the contraceptive pill (which is also a medical aid and I will not be taking questions), means that everyone struggles to get access to safe medical treatment.

If you’re not getting angry, you’re not paying attention.