What’s your definition of romantic?

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What’s your definition of romantic?

This might be not what other people include, but the morning after my c-section for Vasa Previa, and a night of lying flat on my back for transposed shoulder pain (10/10 – do not recommend), I got up and shuffled to the bathroom for a shower.

My husband, who had been worried about me being rushed into major surgery, almost 4 weeks before our due date; then watching me shriek in pain for over an hour the night before; sleep deprived as he was a new Dadda, helped me undress as I sat on a shower chair. Taking off the sexy paper undies and mattress-sized pad filled with what you’d expect after a birth, washed me, washed my hair, gently towelled me off, covered me in moisturiser and got me into fresh PJs.

I shuffled back to bed, filled with love and gratitude.

That was 13 years ago last week, our son who just turned 12 is almost the same height as his Dad now.

I still grin like an idiot when I think about that not-even half hour of time in our lives.

Said baby, just home from hospital and too small for his onesie.

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