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enough is enough

We know it is ‘not all men’. We know that he was a ‘just bad un’ in the Metropolitan Police force. This is endemic and it has to stop. Politicians have to stop pissing about diluting rights and step up, because the cuts you’ve made to services and the lack…

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the story behind the story

I first started writing One Last Hundred Chances around 2004 or 2005, I’d just left my hometown of Eastbourne and the characters pretty much wandered into my head unannounced. Hazel, Freya, Chris, Abigail; the four school friends who formed the core narrative have all had different tangents and storylines. Because…

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one last hundred chances

My first novel One Last Hundred Chances is out now. A unique book, based on eight domestic abuse survivors’ lives, woven together to show how the recognised patterns of behaviour occur in a relationship. Survivors who shared their stories with me not only to reclaim their narrative; but in the…

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